Pre-Order your 2019 “4Wheels” T-shirts Now!

Get the latest 2019 Club T-shirt here. Pre-order your new t-shirt today. Two styles, five colors, our most expensive t-shirt ever (:0). All kidding aside, these shirts have an original design created by a high class Italian designer in Olneyville. His studio is right behind the wiener joint so you can’t go wrong. Do it now before you run out of allowance money! :0)

Pre-order deadline is Monday, May 13th the date of our next club meeting. We will order a few extra t-shirts for new members and any stragglers. Get what you want by pre-ordering now. Thanks.

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NEW Club Neck Gator and MOTOMAN Stickers. Order now!

The new club turtleneck is still available. This is a premium 100% cotton shirt. Limited inventory available… FCFS.

The Club 3M Reflective Stickers are still available on the store and at the meeting in April (4/9/18) and following. Order yours today!

Our great TIRE REPAIR Kits are back in stock so be sure you order a couple today. Only $9 bucks. Great gift for the kids, mother-in-law, ex-spouse, etc.

We have some leftovers on sale and a couple of brand new hats for sale.


Keep in mind that our club baseball caps and denim shirts are embroidered and are always available. It takes about a week from order to delivery so expect a “Next Monthly Meeting” delivery timeframe. No pre-ordering required for embroidered products.

Click SHOP above to begin. There are still four categories of products available: Club Apparel  (shirts, caps, jackets, etc.); Apparel from the Past (shirts and other goodies from years gone by); Club Paraphernalia (posters, buttons, badges, stickers, etc.); and the 2018 Club Rally page to come.

You will be able to shop securely with your credit card or PayPal account from home and get delivery of your products at a monthly meeting, or via the USPS at your home or PO. Box. You can also ship products via the USPS anywhere in the world:)